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Five Star Professional 2019 Wealth Manager Award

Jan 7, 2019

Forbes picks up story that James M. Liotta wins Five Star Professional 2019's Wealth Manager Award.

Five Star Professional 2019 Wealth Manager Award

Jan 2, 2019

Los Angeles magazine features James M. Liotta's Five Star Professional 2019 Wealth Manager Award.

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What to do After Tax Season is Over
May 21, 2015

Tax season is behind me...what do I do to prepare better for next year? Managing tax liabilities starts with the understanding that taxes are inevitable and must be paid.

"With the understanding of three key concepts, avoiding, deferring and conversion, one can greatly reduce future liability.
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SUITED for Independence
January 4, 2016

'I've been in this business since 2002, and as long as I’ve been investing, forecasters have been predicting the same volatile markets. The key for planners and investors alike is to understand that markets are volatile, and that’s what creates the opportunities.'

"Looking out for a client's best interests is what enabled James Liotta, MBA, NSSA, to open his own independent firm, Prominence Capital GP, LLC. 'Sometimes clients don’t like what planners have to tell them because of the risks, but that’s our job.'
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Good to Know
December 4, 2016

One common suggestion is to better understand the people giving you advice.

"'Many clients view all advisers as the same,' says James Liotta, president of Prominence Capital, based in Eagle, Idaho.

"'Yet this is not the case. And, because there are many firms trying to help people manage money—banks, insurance agencies, brokerage firms, wealth-management firms, certified financial planners—it can be confusing to know which is best for you.'
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