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When considering an RIA, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • An RIA delivers personalized, focused financial advice.
    (Our compensation for asset management is aligned with your goals.)

  • We charge for our services based on a percentage of your assets managed.
    (It's important to us that your investments continue to grow.)

  • We're required to disclose how we're compensated.
    (You give consent on financial products where a commission may be involved.)

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

What am I looking for? Assistance with buying & selling individual securities, investment advice or both? Do I want to take a longer-term, holistic approach to management of my investments?
How do I want to pay my financial professional? How important is it that my financial professional have a fiduciary responsibility to put my interest first?
60 percent of individuals surveyed said they're more comfortable receiving financial advice from someone who's paid a flat fee or percentage of assets versus 23 percent for a person who's paid on commission for products they sell.*
*Survey, "Most Would Turn to Independent Financial Advisors During This Difficult Time," conducted September 11-14, 2008, by Opinion Research Corporation.