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How to Find the Roth IRA Sweet Spot
September 8, 2017

You want to put yourself into the best position for the most usable wealth in your lifetime, Liotta says. Are you looking to build bigger and better long-term wealth or have a tax deduction right now? Not paying taxes now is short-sighted because it isn't building as much usable wealth in the long run.
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Changing Student Loan Payments When You Get Married
August 7, 2017

It may significantly help reduce the cost of the loan, said James Liotta, a financial advisor and president of Beverly Hills-based Prominence Capital. He says he's seen the refinance rate drop as much a 3 percentage points with a co-signer.
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What You Should Know About Dividend Reinvestment Plans
January 12, 2017

Financial experts say investors can get into trouble if they focus too much on a singular stock and don't stay diversified. This can be minimized if the investor participates in several DRIP programs on different stocks, says James Liotta, owner and president of Prominence Capital in Beverly Hills, California.

Investors also should be aware of potential stock dilution. If more shares are being issued from the company's treasury stock into the marketplace to cover DRIP, the percentage ownership of nonparticipating shareholders is reduced and earnings are spread over more shares, Liotta says.
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