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We're an Independent Fiduciary

  Our Strengths What It Means to You
1. We're business owners not salespeople. There's no need to meet sales goals to further corporate initiatives.
2. We have no proprietary products. There's no hidden agenda to get you to buy particular products.
3. We work with a leading Custodial Firm who also doesn't have any proprietary products. Our Custodial Firm also has no hidden agenda to get you to buy particular products.
4. We're independent. We look for zero conflicts of interest with every client.
5. We're fiduciaries. 100% of the time we're legally bound to put client interests first.

What About Non-Independent Fiduciaries?

It's worth noting that salespeople and advisors at banks and brokers aren't legally bound by a fiduciary standard of care.

As your financial advisor we're bound to act solely in your best interest when offering our services.

Consumers are harmed by the absence of a uniform fiduciary standard that applies to all financial professionals who provide personalized investment advice, from paying excessive fees and commissions to receiving substandard performance.

Furthermore, consumers are exposed to even greater and unnecessary risks from products that may be deemed suitable for them but are inferior to other available options and aren't necessarily in their best interests.