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Are Your Investment Assets in the Right Location?
May 13, 2016

The old saying 'It isn’t what you make, it's what you keep,' is at the core of building an effective wealth management plan to achieve goals.

"I have recently had a lot of conversations regarding efficiently locating assets for clients in order to better manage tax liability. One such instance occurred through an engagement with a prospective client.

"Upon having our first several conversations it became clear that the reason this person and his family were having conversations with potentially new financial advisors wasn't because of the rate of return he was getting.
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Is Investment Rate of Return the Right Measuring Stick?
June 29, 2015

What does the one-year, three-year or five-year return of any group of equities have to do with the achievement of the unique financial goals of a specific investor?

The answer to this question might actually be 'nothing at all.' We are so programmed by Wall Street investment houses to think in terms of rate of return vs. a benchmark or some form of market driven measuring stick.

"What if the measuring stick was something else, such as a specific goal, and the actual way to measure success was if you were on track to meet that goal? Would it be less volatile and show actual risk vs. the typical market investment? Would most investors sleep better at night?

"I contend that yes in fact they would.
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What to do After Tax Season is Over
April 23, 2015

Tax season is behind me…what do I do to prepare better for next year?

"Managing tax liabilities starts with the understanding that taxes are inevitable and must be paid.

"With the understanding of three key concepts, avoiding, deferring and conversion, one can greatly reduce future liability.
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7 Investment Questions for Tax Season
March 19, 2015

With tax season in full swing there are several areas where having the right information can be very beneficial in making sure your taxes are done right and on time.

"Regarding investments here are some questions that will help both you and your tax preparer...
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